This white double mounted wooden frame is handmade to order and includes a personalised silver acrylic backing and a small silver nest which is made of sterling silver thread and features birth stones representing children. The silver back is engraved with “Our Nest” in a large font with a brief personal message below it up to a maximum of 30 characters in length all of which will be engraved in an upper-case font. We can fit up to 4 stones inside of the nest.

Please write the month of the stones and the amount you require in the relevant box on this order page.

'Our Nest' Birthstone Frame

  • Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it, so please double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.
    Not all accents and symbols can be printed. Here are the special characters we support:
    ÂÁÀÄÃÅÆÇÈÉËÊÌÏÎÍÓÒÖÔÕØŒÙÛÚÜÑÝŸŽßàäâãâáåæçèëêéíìïîñòóöôõøœóúüùûýÿž1234567890\'”@ ?;:,.!-&

  • January - Garnet
    February - Amethyst
    March - Aquamarine
    April - Opal
    May - Emerald
    June - Pearl
    July - Ruby
    August - Peridot
    September - Sapphire
    October - Tourmaline
    November - Yellow Topaz
    December - Blue Topaz


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